Interactive Poster: Whatever it Takes

Whatever it Takes: Access for women with disabilities to domestic and family violence services.

‘Whatever it takes’ : Access for women and girls with disabilities to domestic and family violence services (Dyson, S., Frawley, P & Robinson, S. 2017) was a research project that worked with women with disabilities and domestic and family violence services across Australia. It aimed to find out what kinds of practice and approaches services were using to provide access for women with disabilities, how what they were doing could be better understood through the experiences of women with disabilities and ‘what it would take’ to make the practice even better.

The research found out that services would work better for women with disabilities if they; thought about access differently, included women with disabilities beyond their ‘client’ role, focussed on cross sector collaboration and had the woman at the centre of these collaborations and if they ‘found out about women with disabilities with women with disabilities’, involving women with disabilities in further developing their services.

The interactive resource ‘One size does not fit all’ was developed with a group of women with disabilities who were interested in making the report more accessible to women with disabilities and services. The pictograph represents the key findings and for each finding there is a tab that services can use to access more resources to support their work in these areas.

The interactive resource will be made available to domestic and family violence services across Australia and the poster of the resource will be used by women with disabilities in peer to peer workshops with other women with disabilities.

Download the interactive poster here.

An A0 sized print version of this poster is also available for download.