Rosalie O’Neale

Rosalie O’Neale

Program Manager, eSafetyWomen

Rosalie O’Neale leads the eSafetyWomen program for the Office of the eSafety Commissioner.

eSafetyWomen aims to empower Australian women to manage technology risks and abuse and take control of their online experiences. It provides practical information, advice and tools, as well as training for frontline, DV specialist and support staff in intensive workshops. eSafetyWomen works to raise awareness of how women can protect themselves from technology facilitated abuse.

Rosalie has many years’ experience in the development and delivery of online safety education programs. Her work has included the development of major content-rich websites, of training resources, and also of underpinning social media strategies. She has a long-standing involvement in the conduct of research into how adults and children use technology, and how they perceive and manage the risks associated with it.

Rosalie has a particular interest in the development of programs addressing online behavioural issues, the role played by peers and by bystanders, and around the development of digital literacy and digital citizenship.

Rosalie has on many occasions represented the Office and its predecessors in the media, and at conferences in Australia and internationally.