Call for poster submissions

As part of the conference, ANROWS will be hosting a poster exhibition of non-ANROWS funded research projects related to violence against women and their children.

The focus of these posters will be, as with the conference, evidence in action.

The aim is to present current research outcomes and emerging developments, focusing on the six National Outcomes of The National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children 2010–2022 :

  1. Communities are safe and free from violence.
  2. Relationships are respectful.
  3. Indigenous communities are strengthened.
  4. Services meet the needs of women and their children experiencing violence.
  5. Justice responses are effective.
  6. Perpetrators stop their violence and are held to account for their actions.

Poster submissions close March 6 2020.
Send your poster proposal to

Poster specifications

All posters should include:

  • the project title;
  • the principal Chief Investigator and their organisational affiliation;
  • contact details (optional);
  • other investigators;
  • the funding body;
  • a project website (URL);
  • the project’s start and end dates;
  • the relevant National Plan outcome/s; and
  • a project abstract.

Each poster must be:

  • supplied by the researcher/s or service provider/s displaying them;
  • supplied digitally in PDF format;
  • A0 size (w=841 x h=1189 mm), portrait orientation; and
  • received by ANROWS on or before 6 March.

Please note: only posters that comply with the above specifications listed will be displayed.

ANROWS also invites researchers in the violence against women sector to share information about their projects on our Register of active and recent research. This register aims to capture this sector-related research to help build the overall evidence base and identify knowledge gaps, and to complement earlier research. Use this form to submit project information for the register.

Queries about the posters or the register can be sent to