This page lists resources used, developed, or promoted at ANROWS 2nd National Research Conference.

A full list of ANROWS resources and publications is available on the ANROWS website.

If there is a specific resource discussed at the conference that is not listed here, please get in touch with us and we will do our best to assist.

A more comprehensive list of resources can be found on the ANROWS Resources Database 

Warning: Some of these resources contain content that may be upsetting or difficult for some people. If you would like to speak to someone further about any distress you are experiencing relating to trauma, we suggest you contact one of these support services:

1800 RESPECT – 1800 737 732
Lifeline – 13 11 14


PowerPoint: Homelessness, Survival Sex and Pregnancy

Dr Juliet Watson’s presentation from the Domestic violence, contraception and pregnancy session at ANROWS Conference

PowerPoint: Violence Does Not Stop at the Bedroom Door

Katherine Kerr’s Powerpoint from the Domestic violence, contraception and pregnancy session at ANROWS conference

PowerPoint: Looking ahead – R4Respect

Dr. Karen Struthers, Jennifer Uwineza & Andrew Taukolo’s presentation from the Looking Ahead: Young people and violence session at ANROWS conference.

PowerPoint: Looking ahead – The PIPA Project

Elena Campbell’s PowerPoint from the Looking Ahead: Young people and violence session at ANROWS conference.

PowerPoint: Intergenerational trauma & family violence in Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander communities

The PowerPoint from Prof Victoria Hovane and Dr Mark Wenitong’s keynote address.

Fact Sheet: WITH Study – Practitioner Fact Sheet

A model to help guide a system‐wide approach to implement trauma and violence informed care in practice across an organisation.

Video: The WITH study – Digital stories

Digital stories from Women’s Input to a Trauma-informed systems model of care in Health settings study.

Report: Small claims large battles – Achieving economic equality in the family law system

Current knowledge and strategies to improve access to family law property settlements for women with small claims.

Report: Challenging gender stereotypes in the early years – The power of parents

Results from an Our Watch survey on reinforcing and challenging gender stereotypes in early childhood.

Report: Building safe communities for women and their children – compendium

A compendium of stories from the field.

PowerPoint: ABS Family, Sexual and Domestic Violence Statistics

The history and role of the ABS’ Family, Sexual and Domestic Violence Programme, and ABS products for the sector.

Fact Sheet: Separation, inter-parental conflict, and family and domestic violence

The impacts, prevalence and support needs of women and children experiencing separation, inter-parental conflict, and family and domestic violence

Report: The prevalence of acquired brain injury among victims and perpetrators of family violence.

A report on the strong association between brain injury and family violence and significant gaps in service responses

Fact Sheet: Personal safety survey 2016

Key stats on the prevalence of violence that emerged from the Personal Safety Survey, 2016

Workshop: Women, Disability and Violence

Workshop that provides an opportunity to consider holistic approaches to women’s needs, and to build skills to respond effectively to women with disability, who are experiencing violence.

PowerPoint: “Opening the Perpetrator Black Box”

The PowerPoint presentation from the Money, love and financial abuse session at ANROWS conference, focusing on the relations between women, money and love that set the scene for financial abuse, and the intersection of family law and consumer law.

PowerPoint: The Need for Improved Responses to Reproductive Coercion

Liz Price’s presentation in the Domestic Violence, Contraception and Pregnancy session, focusing on data trends on reproductive coercion.

PowerPoint: The Challenges for Trauma Exposed Workforces

Jackie Burke’s PowerPoint presentation from the Service Provision in Complex Contexts session, focusing on managing vicarious trauma and burnout.

PowerPoint: Enhancing the wellbeing and safety of women with complex trauma

Dr Michael Salter’s PowerPoint presentation from the Service Provision in Complex Contexts session, focusing on complex trauma.

PowerPoint: Invisible Practices – Interventions with fathers who use violence

PowerPoint presentation from the Services Meet the Needs of Women & their Children session, focusing on perpetrator interventions.

PowerPoint: Public Health Perspectives

Dr Anita Morris’ PowerPoint presentation from the Public Health Perspectives session.

Video Collection: “Don’t Be a Bad Apple”

A series of short animations that deal with coercion, control, sexting, cat calling and locker room talk; created by young people, for young people.

PowerPoint: Whatever it Takes

The PowerPoint presentation from the Whatever it Takes session.

PowerPoint: Migrant and Refugee Women

The PowerPoint presentation from the Migrant and Refugee Women session.

Warawarni-gu Guma Statement

The Warawarni-gu Guma (Healing Together) Statement provided an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspective on domestic and family violence including a pathway forward for Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander communities.

Interactive Poster: Whatever it Takes

An interactive poster that gives guidance to practioners on how to respond to women with disabilities who are experiencing violence.