2018 Plenary Session: Acting on Evidence

Application and uptake, innovation and cultural change.

The purpose of this final panel discussion is to reflect on the Conference’s overarching theme – Acting on Evidence. It will explore at an executive level how evidence is being translated to policy and practice in industry and government.

This conversation will focus on the impact of evidence in preventing and responding to violence against women and their children.

The panel will draw on the experiences of senior executives within the sector to ask:

  • How important is research in formulating strategies?
  • How are practitioners and  policy-makers better informed?
  • How do we ensure uptake?
  • How do we measure innovation and cultural change?


Dr Marion Frere Victorian Office for Prevention and Women’s Equality, Department of Health and Human Services; ANROWS Board Director

Chantelle Stratford Department of Social Services

Wendy Spencer Education Act Implementation and Organisational Change, Department of Education Tasmania; ANROWS Board Director

Rosalie O’Neale, Program Manager, eSafetyWomen

Barbara Shaw Executive Director Strategy and Partnerships, Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women, Queensland

Libby Davies White Ribbon Australia